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Planet First Collective

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Izen Consulting

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Cinema for Peace

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Blue Cow Productions

Mainframe Entertainment

LG Children's Educational Apps

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Robyn Huth is a skilled designer, creative director and illustrator with a passion for all things visual. With 29 years experience in publishing design, corporate logo identity, brand development and package design.

Robyn's avid yoga practice and teaching united with her design awareness, adding active wear garment apparel and textile design to her skill set. Her Illustrative dexterity lends well in graphic support within Vancouver's commercial film industry. She has run a freelance contract design business out of Vancouver, Nelson BC and Los Angeles CA.

Robyn can adapt to any type of design, and work with any aesthetic, her professional reputation well-earned, she understands the design process and business thoroughly. Her open-minded creative approach produces fresh, clean, and innovative messaging, from simple to grand solutions — no project is too big or too small. 

With excellent leadership and teamwork skills, Robyn is committed to amazing results and satisfied clients. 

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